Tuesday, February 26, 2008

7 Weird or ramdom facts about little old me~~~

Hi All!

I have been tagged by Hope of Second Time Around to do this meme..This is my first time at this so I hope I do it right! I copied and pasted the rules from HER blog, so I cheated too!!!

Here Goes~~~

2. Post THE RULES on your blog.

3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.

4. Tag 7 people and link to them.

5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

1) I have ONE black hair on my head that is front and center in my forehead hairline. All the rest are blonde!

2) I have a WHITE patch of hair in the back right side of my head.

3)I snap and crackle my gum to the point of annoyance to many!

4) I do NOT carry a purse, pockets are just fine with me!

5)I have a hyper-sensitive sniffer. There are things I can smell long before others do.

6)I cannot mix ANY alcohol, not even from white wine to white wine. I get a MAJOR headache!

7) I have been told I have a wickedly sinister laugh... :P

OK, Now that you know my seven weird things, I can't wait to hear yours!

If you can reply, fine, but don't feel bad if you can't.... I am o.k. with that!

I have tagged

Thanks dear friends!!!

xxxoo Ruth


Janet said...

I have the same hyperactive sniffer. I even smell things in my dreams and wake myself up. Go figure!!


Hope said...

Hi Ruth,
I'm so proud of you. Great job! I was just telling Lisa who also played this game that I think all the little things about us makes up the whole person. That's why I think these meme's are so interesting. It tells a lot about each of us!

By the way, I always thought it was so cool when people could pop their gum. I never could get the hang of it even though I tried and tried! I'd love to hear that sinister laugh of yours too. I'm hearing Count Dracula in my mind! LOL Wha, wha, wha!

Thanks again for playing. It was fun!

Love and Hugs,

Rosie's Whimsy said...

You are a sweetie! Thanks for thinking of me for the tag :-) I've done this one a couple times but I am sure there are more weird facts to be dredged up! HA :-)

Loved reading your facts. It;s a fun meme to share fun things about yourself! Of course, we all now want a video of you laughing!


Tara said...


This was fun to learn about you! One black hair is better than 1 gray! Hee-hee!



bj said...

Oh, Ruth (you will ALWAYS be Holly to me but I am trying!! :)
How fun it was to find out you have ONE BLACK HAIR! hAHAHA...I love that!
Thanks so much for thinking of me to play this fun meme. I will get my thinking cap on and post this week.
hugs, bj

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Ruth, interesting list especially the one black hair thing!

Your sweet to think of me - I've done this a couple of times already but I'll see what I can come up with. Thanks for the tag!


Mary Isabella said...

Loving my first visit to your blog...Smiles

Susie Q said...

I would love to hear that sinister laugh!!
I too have a sensitive nose. : )

I love reading everyone's facts and memes.

I used to try hard to pop my gum and never quite got the hand of it! What's wrong with me?? : )

Now, I will do this in the next day or two! Thank you for thinking about me!!


Mike Golch said...

hey it takes a lot to admitt stuff about your self.Hope made me do that as well.any way I truely hope that you and yours have a great day!

Jen r. said...

Very interesting! MY daughter is like that with smells and she smells EVERYTHING...Thanks for sharing!
Jen r

Abbie said...

Hi Ruth,
I can't mix alcohol either, same reaction. :) and my 'sniffer' is really sensitive also.. especially to cigarette smoke.. Thank you for sharing!
Have a great weekend!
:) Abbie

celestina marie said...

Hi Ruth, reading random facts is so interesting! I was in on this last season, so fun to see it still going around. I love the one black hair in the center! Nice to meet you today and find your blog. It is truly lovely. I look forward to coming back soon.
La Rea Rose

Palmer said...

Hi Miss Ruth !
I will get to these 7 weird facts this weekend...my husband would say...only 7 !!

Holly (Nickname) said...

thanks for all of yor nice comments, even though I AM weird!!!


vivian said...

ruth! we have a couple things in common.. I snap and crackle my gun too.. love to do it!! everyone else hates it! Also have the super sensitive smeller! this too annoys my family! 'cause I'm always complaining that something stinks!
And.. I have a pretty odd laugh myself. not sinister.. but certainly unmistakable!
have a great Sunday!

stacycakes said...

hi ru, ive been so busy,but havent forgotten you! i will do my 7 things when i get a chance,and i still have to pick up that desk soon...ill call you we'll do wine!,but no mixing!!