Monday, September 8, 2008

Enchanted Window Party...

Hi Everyone!
Here are my submissions for Ceilo's Enchanted Window Party...
I hope you like them and I am looking forward to seeing all of yours!
xxxooo Ruth

This is my Garden Cottage, or better known as Clematis Cottage.
I just adore the way it looks and had to share it even though Ceilo
asked for interior pictures!

This is another window I adore. It is in the entryway to Whispering Oaks Cottage. This was actually the outside of the house, but when we had the renovations done, I insisted on saving this little sweetie and having the space enclosed.. It is so charming! It looks into my kitchen. At night it is illuminated by a small candle lamp and it looks adorable.
I hope you have enjoyed my special windows.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth,
I haven't talked to you in a very long time. My old blog was Pink Icing on the Cake. This is my new blog. I have just posted on Stephanie and Christian Nielsen tonight whom I don't even know but my heart goes out to all of them. Please come by sometime.


Anonymous said...

I also wanted to tell you, I just read down a few posts and saw your new look. I love it!!! I spent my summer doing the same thing, check out my new uncluttered beach cottage look. No more fufu.

LeAnn :)

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Your windows are so pretty ....I also love the window you kept in your home ....very nice....
Mo :-)

Lallee said...

I love both the views you shared. And your clematis looks beautiful!

Chrissy said...

Hi Ruth...I so enjoy your blog,just the right amount of everything, and you know I love your home.... I still think about that chair that you posted on rms, remember..I love that chair!! Anyway, hope all is well, talk soon,love Chrissy


I love your window that looks into your kitchen, that is such a sweet idea! I want to see more!LOL. I was going through your blog and I love that chair you have near your fireplace. When you redid your place did you get rid of it? I hope not it is soooo sweet and it looks like a good place to curl up and read a book.

CIELO said...

Oh Ruth your windows --looking at them either from the outside or inside-- are truly charming, as so is your garden. My sincere THANKS for participating and for your kind disposition.... I love coming here not only because of the beauty I find everywhere, but because of the beauty your soul irradiates. You are an inspiration to me.

May the sun shine upon you today


Becky said...

I just adore your Clematis Cottage.
Your windows are charming.
Thank you for your kind comments on my old home as well.
You have a great sence of style.
And I enjoy your blog.

Tara said...


Your windows look great--very inviting!

kari and kijsa said...

Your windows look beautiful! we have one up today for pink saturday! We are also having a giveaway to celebrate our one- year of blogging!!! So much fun today!!blessings,
kari & kijsa

Suzy said...

Wishing you a great and relaxed Sunday!


bj said...

Oh, I enjoy looking at every inch of your sweet cottage, Holly.(I have tried and tried and tried to call you RUTH but you will always and forever be HOLLY to me, I'm afraid.)
I've all your re-dos on your home, will you leave those magnificent stairs as is or re-do them, as well?
love, bj

vivian said...

hello Ruth! love the picS! I wish I had a garden cottage! lucky you!
enjoy your sunday!!

Susie Q said...

Your home has alwaus been one I so adore, just love. Each corner, each wIndow, is lovely, warm and WONDERFUL!


Simply This and That said...

I LoVe the little window you saved. Looking into your kitchen! I can just picture all the different seasons, and what you could see through that window. Jams and Jelly makings in summer. Pumpkin pie in the fall. Cookies at Christmas. Kitchens I think are often the heart of the home, and what a beautiful way to have a peak into it.

celestina marie said...

Hi Ruth, I don't know how I missed your gorgeous windows last week. They are wonderful. I love the entry. It is always an inspiration to visit. Have a good week.
Blessings, Celestina
la rea rose

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Love the Clematis Cottage window - looks like it should be in a cottage gardening book!