Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Morning...........

Good Sunday Morning Dear Fellow Bloggers~~~
I am so sorry that I haven't been the best about my blogging abilities lately. Sometimes life just catches up and before you know it another week has gone by, leaving me questioning where it went!
I have been busy, needless to say, but then I have been dealing with the unexpected nuisance of allergies. My husband and I went out for a motorcycle ride on Thursday evening. The weather had been so beautiful, but, little did I realize that the pollen was so incredibly high and EVERYWHERE.
I normally don't have allergies, but I am guessing because of the major assault to my upper respiratory tract, (like a powerwasher blowing in my face and up my nose), that it was plenty enough to cause major irritation to my throat, sinuses, and eyes. By Friday morning, I was very congested and puffy. By Saturday, much the same but more sneezing and a scratchy throat. You know it was bad, especially since I didn't even go to a VINTAGE garage sale advertised on the next street over! I was afraid all of the stuff would be so dusty, that it would irritate my situation further. Besides, I just didn't have the "umph" in me to get moving.
So today is Sunday, and I am feeling better...still sneezing and the throat a little scratchy, but nowhere as congested as I was.....
It is rainy and cool today, and we are suppposed to go to church at 10:30, but I am staying home to read my bible instead. I am currently in 1 Samuel, as I am reading the bible in a year. It is AMAZING, and further reminds me of the unquestionable forgiveness, love, and patience the Lord has for those who truly trust and believe in Him. It also reminds me of His angels who are constantly ministering and protecting me. They must be an awesome sight to see in their full glory, however they can, and have, ministered in the form of humans....
This scripture, and many other instances in the bible, remind me of that-

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for some have entertained angels without knowing it." Hebrews 13:2.

Isn't that amazing?

I am hoping you have a wonderful and blessed week, dear blogging friends!
xxxooo Ruth

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I've Been To Gardens All Around The World This Week....

On Flickr!

Good Morning Dear Blogging Buddies~

This week I decided to take a trip to Flickrland , and do a search for "cherub fountains". ( and no jet lag, either!)

Well once again, my Flickr friends did not let me down. I was so inspired that I had to do a mosaic with all of the beautiful fountains I found. Aren't they just dreamy? There is something so ethereal and inspiring about moss covered statuary. Can't you just hear the trickling of the water and smell the of the mist it emits? So peaceful and relaxing....

Keeping that inspiration in mind, I have decided to post a few pictures of my own garden from last year. I am so anxious to get my little garden oasis underway, and persue a few projects that I have accumulated over the winter, but for now I will have to settle for pictures and dream of what will be!

Here's hoping you have a blessed and beautiful day.

xxxooo Ruth