Thursday, February 19, 2009

CHECK this out!

There is just something about black and white check that makes my heart sing....
Look at this kitchen! The floor "makes" this room look perfect!

OH, Isn't this tile so much fun? I could see a kitchen or bathroom back splash done in this...or a simple bar area....or MAYBE an old armoire turned into a liquor cabinet with this as a back splash..........hmmmmmmmmm.....

And look at this tiny bathroom....Isn't it so sweet? Perfect balance of patterns without going TOO overboard.

And look at this mosaic I made using Flickr tools. (see side bar in my blog to access my Flickr account and see credits for photos.) Isn't it fun?

Now that my creative juices are flowing, maybe I will post something I have done in my own home to share with that liquor cabinet...

xxxooo Ruth

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I know.. I have been majorly inept about keeping up with all of you and my blog postings. For that I am sorry. It is just that life has been so all consuming and demanding .......
I hope you enjoy the mosaic I made of all things Valentine's.......
The center picture is of me and all of my sissies (7 in all!). It was taken almost, (gulp) 50 years ago! Of course with a little modern day embellishments it looks adorable.
I wish each and every one of you a very Happy Valentine's Day!
The greatest love of all-
John 3:16-