Friday, June 20, 2008

Mantle 101

Hi Blogging Buddies~

While perusing my blog roll, I noticed Kari and Kijsa , of Ask Kari and Kijsa are having a "Mantle 101" party. All are invited and here are a few pictures of my own mantles at different times. Take a stroll over and see what is going on........Such creativity and inspiration!

xxxooo Ruth

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Clematis Cottage Blooms!!!!!!

Stroll up to Clematis Cottage with me......
And see what beauty awaits you...........

Hello Dear Blogging Friends~

Yesterday morning I woke up to the most breathtaking, beautiful site that I have been anticipating since last year....

Hundreds of tiny little flower buds began to unhurl themselves quietly in the night to anxiously greet me in the morning with their sweet, colorful, joyful faces.....

Ahhhhhhhhh, yes friends, Clematis Cottage has finally bloomed! Aren't they just gorgeous?

Today I am thanking God for the simple pleasures in life, you, and asking Him to slow me down a bit so I can take time to smell the clematis!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

xxxooo Ruth

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Amazing Pixie-Bob's

Truffles and Twinky when they were much younger...........such ROYALTY!
Twinky sticking her tongue out...........
Truffles trying to read my blog, with Twinky looking on................

Hello to all of my dear blogging buddies!

Today I would like you to meet our two Pixie-Bob cats. Their names are Truffles and Twinky. They are a relatively new breed of cat, that are part barn cat, part bob-cat. They have the most adorable personalities, are very talkative, and are what I call, my "puppercats", because they follow me around the house like little puppies. No matter what room I am in, one of them has to be there with me. They are the sweetest, most loving cats I have ever had.

We just celebrated their fourth birthday on Sunday, which consisted of catnip, new toys, and a day out on the patio in their kitty stroller. As you can see in the one solo picture of Twinky, she was sticking her tongue out, looking just thrilled to have her picture taken! Both of them make the funniest faces, and have brought us many good laughs!

I find it amazing that animals can sense the littlest bit of sadness or stress we encounter. I remember one day late in late winter I was feeling a bit down about things, and laid down on the couch. Within ten minutes, Twinky was laying right on top of me, and Truffles was curled up under the blanket at my feet. Talk about instant compassion! God gave us pets for so many reasons, and I believe one of them is for this very reason, to help us de-stress.

Have any of you had similar experiences with your pets? Do you have any fun pet stories to share? I would love to see pictures of your's and hear about the joy they bring to your life. Even if you don't have any pets, stop by and let the stories of others and their pets, be the much needed stress reliever that you may need today!

xxxooo Ruth

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hi Everyone~

In honor of Rhondi's front porch party she is hosting today, here is a picture of, um, well, my front porch is about a 3 x 5 entryway that does not allow for much more than a potted plant, so I decided my patio will have to do!

Go join her at her blog and have some fun!

xxxooo Ruth